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Written by Amal Graafstra, RFID Toys contains step by step guides to building various RFID based projects, and stresses the concepts involved as well as the steps themselves.

RFID technologies covered include passive, low frequency 125KHz tags and readers, passive high frequency 13.56MHz, up to active, UHF 900Mhz tags and readers.

Chapter 1: Introduction - A quick overview of RFID
Chapter 2: Getting in the front door - RFID enabled electronic strikes and deadbolts
Chapter 3: Stepping into your car - RFID enabled power door locks and alarm remotes
Chapter 4: Logging into your computer - Build an RFID enabled keyboard and update your Windows GINA
Chapter 5: Opening a safe - Mod an electronic safe for RFID access
Chapter 6: Building a smart shelf - Take inventory of your things
Chapter 7: Letting Fido in the pet door - Get familiar with tag and reader antenna orientation
Chatper 8: Track employees and time with active RFID
Chapter 9: To catch a thief - Monitor assets and send alerts
Chapter 10: Reading, writing and RFID - Using writable RFID tags
Chatper 11: Extreme RFID - What others are doing, implants, etc.
Chapter 12: Hardware overview - What was used in the book, operational specs, and where to get it, and how much


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