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About the Author

RFID Toys is written by Amal Graafstra, owner of several technology and mobile communications companies and a double RFID implantee. Amal loves thinking up interesting ways to combine and apply various technologies in his daily life, and wield a soldering iron from time to time.

Since learning about RFID technology used in cats and dogs for identification, Amal wanted to leverage that technology himself. Getting implants meant there was no need to carry an RFID access card around and he could implement his own RFID access control systems instead of buying expensive off-the-shelf products. Soon after getting his first implant and posting some pictures of the process for a few friends, word quickly spread over the Internet and soon he found himself talking to everyone from industry players to clergy to book publishers about RFID technology and its possibilities.

Amal has been interviewed about his adventures in RFID by television, print, and online news media from around the world. Below is a link to an ASF video stream of an interview Discovery Channel's Daily Planet program did with Amal about his implants and what his uses them for. The interview also includes coverage of a few RFID-based solutions that Amal has implemented in his daily life such as logging into the computer, front door access control, and car door entry. These projects and how to build them are detailed in the RFID Toys book.

You can contact Amal by posting on the forum, or by commenting on his blog.



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